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Fight Covid in Eco-friendly Way

Ever since the start of the pandemic in February 2020, we wear mask often.  At the beginning, I just bought some disposable masks, but then I felt extremely uneasy after needing to discard them every time after use.  Imagine if I discard one mask every day, there are 30 masks waste in on month, and 365 masks in one year!  This is terrible.

Hence, I went to look for reusable masks, but it was quite a disappointment.  Most masks in shops are either made with two layers of thin cotton fabric or polyester fabric (which takes many years to decompose).   Nonetheless, most of them require non-biodegradable filter.    

So, I decided to design my own mask.  My goal was to make something that achieves good filtration efficiency without needing to add non-woven filter.  It should be comfortable and breathable.  More importantly, my mask must be as eco-friendly as possible.  It must also fit most face shapes comfortably.   With these ambitious goals, my colleagues are a bit skeptical if we can succeed (lol).  

After two months of experiment and relentless sampling, we came up with this 4-ply design mask, in which all layers are made with 100% natural fabric, namely cotton, silk and bamboo fabrics.  To further verify the filtration efficiency, we hired Bureau Veritas to conduct test based on ASTM F-2100-2019.  The result was not just exciting but exceed our expectation: 

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) % ≥ 95%

Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)% ≥ 95%

High density cotton fabric is a good filter of particles while silk is a superb natural electrostatic filter.  Bamboo is a natural antibacterial material and its softness is ideal to be liner close to face.  :)

In order to make the mask more user friendly, we made the third layer removable. User can choose to remove it if the weather is hot or in less crowded areas.  Furthermore, adjustment rings and nose tape were added to reinforce the face contour fitness.  

I hope while we are fighting the pandemic, we do not forget about preserving our planet.  Reuse, reduce and recycle are what we can do to help to cut down waste. 

More product details: reusable-protective-fabric-mask


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