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Hello Spring!

This year, Spring’s arrival recalls one of my favorite Chinese proverbs: 

 Make your whole year’s plan in the spring,
Make your whole day plan in the morning,
Start your whole life’s plan with diligence.


Spring is always the best season.  We say goodbye to cold and gloomy winter.  We have more sunny hours in a day.  Temperature is wonderful for outdoor activities.  Lots and lots of flower blooming and many new baby animals.   Spring means hope.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Therefore, this year, we decide to have a pleasant start to cheer the arrival of spring.   Our theme for 2021 is therefore:

Colourful           Cheerful          Hopeful

We hope that via using bright and vibrant colors combine with our designs, people would forget about unpleasant memories of 2020, and embrace 2021.  

 This year, we continue to strive using as many natural materials as possible.  These include cotton canvas, wood fabric, silk, bamboo fabric and regenerated leather.   For some products that cannot be made with biodegradable material, we would use more recycle materials such as rPET materials than before.  

These are some of our new products:

Clip Magnetic Essential Oil Diffuser for Collars, Masks and Clothes


More new exciting colourful products will be launched one after one.  Don't miss it!

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