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Gradient Color Mask, Large, Minty
Gradient Color Mask, Large, Coffee
Gradient Color Mask, Large, Tranquility
Gradient Color Mask, Large, Summer Fun
Gradient Color Mask, Large, Candy

Gradient Colour Fabric Mask - 100% Cotton + Silk + Bamboo fabric - Large/Male size 255mm x 166mm

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Slim face fit * Comfortable * Natural material * Breathable 


Our 4-ply non-medical mask is made with COTTON, SILK and BAMBOO fabric, which are all biodegradable.   

For more benefits of bamboo fabrics, click here.

Hybrid materials mask layers

Outer layer – High thread count cotton is durable and ideal for mechanical filtering.

Middle layer – Tightly weaved pure mulberry silk, a natural material that provides good electrostatic filtering of particles.

Inner layer – 100% bamboo fiber fabric is soft, comfortable and gives good breathability.

Extra removable layer – A 100% bamboo fabric same as the inner layer. 

Filtration efficiency

Our mask is tested by Bureau Veritas under the standard of ASTM F2100-2019: 

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) % ≥ 955

Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)% ≥ 95%

No “leakage” design

Gap around the mask area can degrade efficiencies by 50% or more.  Hence, the nose wire and the curvy contour design minimise the gap between facial contour and the mask.  

Other features

We do not use typical elastic bands which most cloth mask.  We use skin sensitive elastic bands, that allows long time wearing without feeling discomfort. 

The silicone rings allow additional adjustments of the elastic band to give the best fit to further reduce leaking. 

Slim face contour design

Our curvy contour design intends to make face looks slim.

How to wash this mask?

Gentle hand wash with cold water and soap.  Line dry.  Do not mix with other garments during wash.  Do not machine wash.  Do not dry clean.  Do not use fabric softener.  If necessary, iron the outer cotton layer with low heat iron only.   The mask can last 100 washes.  Please see our video of how to wash fabric mask in this page. 

Please wash the mask prior to using.  Clean mask every time after using. 

Note: Due to hygiene issue, this product is not returnable.

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