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Pop-up Dinosaur Decorative Pillow Cover 16" x 16" (41cm x 41cm)

Pop-up Dinosaur Decorative Pillow Cover 16" x 16" (41cm x 41cm)

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  • Creative pop-up stuffed dinosaur on the front of pillow cover
  • Stuffing is made with biodegradable bioplastic fibre.
  • Stylish and eco-friendly
  • Zipper closure 
  • Fun and cool for sitting room or bedroom
  • Soft pop-up dinosaur is comfortable to lean on

16" x 16" (41cm x 41cm) 


  • Pillow cover - 100% cotton canvas 
  • Pillow form insert - 100% light weight cotton 
  • Stuffing - 100% bioplastic fibre 


Pillow cover - Remove pillow cover and machine wash in cold water.  Hang dry.  Do not tumble dry.  Iron with medium heat.
Pillow form insert - Wipe clean with damp cloth.  Hang dry.  


Since most of the decorative pillows in stores are two-dimensional with prints or embroidery, we wanted to make it more three-dimensional, cool and fun at the same time. We wanted a pillow that made people smile when they saw it. So our team came up with the idea for this pop-up dinosaur pillow.

This pop-up pillow is comfortable because the dinosaur is stuffed with soft bioplastic fibers. The design is simple but cheerful. Colors can easily match any interior design style.

Our goal is to be more sustainable and eco-friendly while maintaining a trendy lifestyle, we choose natural cotton fabrics for our pillows. As for the filling, we used bioplastic fibers instead of polyester fibers commonly found in pillow form.

The overall eco-friendly design concept makes your interior space more complete and unique.


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