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Funny Pet Theme Funny Pet Theme Can Cooler Sleeves

Funny Pet Theme Funny Pet Theme Can Cooler Sleeves

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  • Fun Pet photo quality printing
  • Genuine neoprene material as good beverage insulator (Not foam!)
  • Durable 
  • Reusable
  • Excellent for keeping beverage chill

10cm Tall x 6.5cm diameter (fits 330ml can beverage)

100% Neoprene (more effective than foam in keeping beverage chill)

Gentle hand wash with soap water.  Rinse well.  Hang dry. 


Use this funny can cooler sleeve with your favorite beverage makes you cheers-worthy any day.  It is made with genuine 3mm neoprene material, which is excellent for keeping beverage chill.   With such good quality, this product is truly reusable without deformation, or losing insulation function over time. 

Moreover, the designs are unique, too. There is printing on front, back and even the bottom!  On the front, we have photo quality cat and dog printing with funny quotes. At the back and the bottom of the sleeve we have paw cute paw print.  Every part of the sleeve makes you smile!


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