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Natural Agate Gemstone Keychains

Natural Agate Gemstone Keychains

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  • Hand crafted natural agate slices
  • Translucent gemstone
  • Fine polishing and smooth surface
  • Various colours available
  • Addition to luxury sensation to handbags
  • Ideal for self-use, gift for friends, family or corporate events
  • As agate is a natural mineral, each piece is unique and different.  They cannot be identical in terms of shape and colour.  Thus, the photos shown in this page is for reference only. 

Approximately 65mm Long x 35mm Wide x 4mm Thick  (not include keychain)


  • Agate
  • Zinc Alloy

Wipe clean with water and damp cloth without loops.  Do not scrub. 

Agate is a beauty from Mother Nature.  It is a translucent variety of crystalline quartz, has been used for ornamental purpose since Ancient Greece.  Agate has wide range of colors, which make it popular for making decorative goods such as necklace, beads, etc.  

These keychains are made with sliced agates in various colors.  Each piece is unique and natural.  The surface of agate slices are meticulously polished so that it is unlikely to leave scratches or scars anywhere like tabletop, clothes or handbags.


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