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Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Set (Include 6 Tea Light Candles)

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Set (Include 6 Tea Light Candles)

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  • 100% natural Himalayan salt rock
  • 100% hand crafted
  • Each candle holder include 6 tea light candles (good value)
  • No chemicals nor additives
  • A good mood booster
  • Creates a very nice ambiance
  • Each piece are unique and different 

Approximately 80mm wide X 80mm depth X 90mm tall  

100% Himalayan salt rock 

Do not use water to clean this candle holder.  Use dry towel to wipe clean. 

This unique candle holder is from Himalayan salt blocks mined from Himalayan mountains in Pakistan.   It is 100% hand carved and thus each piece are not identical. Each are unique in shape and color.  

It is incredibly beautiful when lit up with tea light candle.  The semi-transparent pink salt gives a soft glow to your room at night.  It creates a very nice ambiance.  

This salt rock candle holder does not contain any additives nor chemicals.   It is 100% natural and are safe to use.  

The pink Himalayan salt is said to be therapeutic by releasing negative ions, which bind dust particles and improves overall air quality of your home.  

This beautiful pink lamp is certainly a good mood booster.  

Each candle holder weight about 1.1kg.

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