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Mask Case, V pattern, Turquoise
Mask Case, V pattern, Rose Pink
Mask Case, V pattern, Grey
Mask Case, V pattern, Yellow
Mask Case, inside
Mask Case, usage
Mask Case, V pattern, Rose Pink, Set of 2
Mask Case, V pattern, Grey, Set of 2
Mask Case, V pattern, Turquoise, Set of 2
Mask Case, V pattern, Yellow, Set of 2
Mask Case, V pattern, assorted colors

Mask Case (V Pattern) - Bendable, reusable, washable and waterproof

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Mask Storage * Bendable * Washable * Reusable * Waterproof

This case fits regular size adult mask of 10cm L x 17cm W

We often face a challenge of how to keep the unused masks properly when we take them off. Some people use tissue to wrap up, some just thrust them into hand bag or pockets. Our bendable mask case provides a solution to mask storage.

This waterproof case is soft, bendable and foldable. It doesn't damage your pockets or hand bags. It's bendable feature also make it very easy to keep in jean pockets.

Dimension: 20cm W x 9.7cm L

How to clean:

Hand wash with soap water, alcohol spray or wet tissue.

Note: As this product has close contact to mask, it is not returnable due to hygiene concern.

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