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Stainless Steel Y-shape Swivel Blade Peeler

Stainless Steel Y-shape Swivel Blade Peeler

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Y-shape swivel peeler for vegetables, potatoes and fruits
Fit comfortably in hands
Non-slip design
Strong quality and function
Gorgeous colors

175mm long x 64mm wide 

Stainless steel
zinc alloy

Wash with dishwashing detergent with cloth.  Do not scrub.


Whether you are left or right handed, this ergonomically designed peeler fits comfortably in your hand, and with non-slip handle design, peeling is smooth and easy.   The stainless steel swivel blades allows even peeling off all types of fruits and vegetable.  That ultimately results more food left and less waste.   This peeler is made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, which can be cleaned easily and do not get rusty.   

Making our kitchen work more fun!  Instead of boring silver colour and dull plastic, we offer bright and fun colours, include iridescent, blue and gold.   Who says kitchen work can't be stylish?


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