Uniquely designed little objects that make one smiles. We now ship to 45 destinations!

About Us

52 Years of Excellence in Gift Business

We are a small family business that locates in Hong Kong since 1969.  After five decades of product development, R & D and project management experiences with various  global brands, we decide to extend our knowledges of materials and design skills to create our own products that fully reflects our philosophy of product aesthetics, functionality and safety. 

Our Mission

Be a world-class gift provider, whose products make people happy. 

Philosophy of a Good Product

  • Practical to use
  • Safe
  • Good aesthetic
  • Durable/reusable as many times as possible (i.e. less waste)
  • As eco-friendly as possible (i.e. be good to our planet)
  • Good value and yet affordable to most people

and last but not least...MAKING PEOPLE SMILE!


Most products in our shop are designed by our team, but there is also partial of goods that are from other companies whose designs are attractive.   In short, in this shop, we want to share the products that we truly appreciate.  We only offer products that align with our "philosophy of good products". 

We love making little things that make people smile

A good product should have practical usage, simple but beautiful design, safe to use and yet affordable to most shoppers.  it should also make people smile from heart. 

We object to the predisposition of trade-off between price and quality, which we often encountered with customers worldwide.  Product design is all about problem solving that provides the "optimal" solution within a preset budget.   

Moreover, while doing business, we should not forget about preserving our planet. Thus, in our designs, we attempt to enhance products' biodegradability via using as many natural materials as possible. For instance, for our reusable fabric masks, over 90% of the parts can decompose.  For some products that we cannot use natural materials, we still push to use recycled ones, such as RPET.   More importantly, we are keen on making good quality products so that people can use for a longer time because we believe this is also a pragmatic way to reduce waste. 

Via this online platform, we want to foster minimizing use of disposable or short product life goods because this in fact tremendously increase waste.   Instead, choose some good quality ones with longer life time.  We believe that preserving our planet while maintaining beautiful and good quality lives can co-exist.  Also, it should not cost a fortune to achieve this. 

Personalisation is Welcomed

Apart from selling in-house designed products, we also welcome product customisation.  We can help to personalise products with your special needs such as marketing events, birthday party favours, etc. by adding logos, slogans and patterns.   Contact us for more details!

Email: cs@goheyhey.com