About Us

50 Years of Excellence in Cut & Sewn Products

We are a small family business that locates in Hong Kong.  After doing 50 years of product development projects with various global brands, we decided to extend our knowledges of materials to create our own products that fully reflects our philosophy on aesthetics, functionality and safety. 

Our philosophy of a good product:

  • Practical to use
  • Safe to use
  • Stylish outlook
  • Durable/reusable
  • As eco-friendly as possible
  • Affordable to most people

All our products, from design to packaging, reflects these philosophies.  

Most of our product are small in size.   Not only they are easy to ship, but are also handy to use.  

Personalisations are Welcomed

Apart from selling our own product, we also welcome product customisation.  We can help to personalise products with your special need such as marketing events, birthday party favours, etc by adding logos, slogans and patterns.   Contact us for more details!

Email: cs@goheyhey.com