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100% Bamboo Fabric Foldable Shopping Bag (with numeric print pattern)

100% Bamboo Fabric Foldable Shopping Bag (with numeric print pattern)

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  • Trendy numeric pattern printing
  • Silky soft hand feel
  • Light weight but sturdy
  • Happy vibrant colour selections
  • Very good durability
  • Hold as much as 12kg objects
  • Delicate workmanship
  • A genuine way to reduce way and have good impact to the environment

55cm Length x 33cm Width x 10cm Depth 

100% Bamboo fiber fabric 

Gentle machine wash with cold water.   Hang dry.    Iron with medium heat.


Almost all foldable shopping bags in the market are made with polyester fabrics, which are not truly good to the earth because they are basically not biodegradable.  In fact, these fabrics mostly take at least 20 years or more to decompose.  

Even there are shopping bags that are made with natural fabrics such as cotton, most of them are rough hand-feel, with minimal design and cannot be folded into small packet.   

That's why we introduce this 100% natural bamboo fabric shopping bag.  

We want to push further in reducing waste via use of natural materials, while not sacrificing the convenience and being stylish at the same time.  This is a genuine way to reduce waste and produce good impact to the environment.

Shopping bags are foldable, light weight but absolutely sturdy.  The bright numeric print patterns makes the bag looks fabulous.  It is excellent for daily grocery shopping , birthday party, gardening, camping, overnight sack farmer's market, outdoor adventures, supermarket, etc.  

Why we love bamboo fabrics?

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